Free CE: The CPN Guide to Recertification
Free CE: The CPN Guide to Recertification
How do CPNs stay certified? What activities are accepted and when? Use this no-cost module to understand basic requirements, flexible options, and due dates. You benefit with an in-depth overview of the process and 1 contact hour to apply to a future recertification application!

For CPNs and others wanting to understand the CPN recertification process

To view the slideshow, Adobe Flash must be installed on your computer. PNCB does not guarantee compatibility with iPads, iPhones, Kindles, or other devices.
  • 1.0 contact hour accredited by NAPNAP which 0 contain Pharmacology (Rx) content (including 0 of psychopharmacology) (including 0 of controlled substances)
  • Free module!
  • Includes access to content in a media presentation format (un-narrated, viewable online only) and 6 post-test questions
  • Successful completion for contact hours is 70% or higher
  • Answers due 90 days from order process date. During this testing period you will have unlimited access to log in and out of the module so you may complete it in more than one sitting; only one opportunity to complete the module for scoring is provided. Each question is worth one (1) point. Upon completion, you may view your score report and feedback for each question. One (1) retest opportunity is available to those who generate an unsatisfactory score.
Acceptable for RNs